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THE BIRDS at Altadena Playhouse

"We meet novelist Diane played by the gifted actor Gabriella Goldstein who has taken refuge in the rustic home."

"Goldstein gives an emotional performance that at times makes her as evil as the Birds trying to kill her."



PICASSO AT THE LAPIN AGILE at Los Altos Stage Company

"Germaine (as is the woman in Picasso's painting of the Lapin Agile) is both thoughtful and insightful as well as beautiful and sexy, with Gabriella Goldstein excellently portraying the combination."

-Talkin' Broadway

"Gabriella Goldstein, as Germaine, is a force of comedic timing and reaction, ramping up to a stellar monologue as she lambasts Picasso for his, shall we say, irreparable treatment of the fairer sex."

-Theatre Teacher Talk



". . . a strong core of performers who can reach the heights of the drama, led by a smart, passionate turn by Gabriella Goldstein as Olympe."
- Bay Area Plays


A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 at Palo Alto Players

"Ms. Grier (Goldstein) . . . fills the room with a palpable intensity that comes in waves of determination, bargaining, plotting, loving, groveling, and veracity. Ms. Grier delivers her dialogue . . . with a commanding eloquence that makes Mr. Hnath's lines sing with rhythm and intensity."

- Marc Gonzalez, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle

"With a huge line load at Nora, Gabriella Grier (Goldstein) makes her words sizzle throughout the play."

- San Jose Mercury News

"Nora (elegant, forceful Gabriella Grier (Goldstein)) explains... a sensitive production with outstanding acting--Bravo!"

- Theatrius

"Gabriella Grier (Goldstein) powerfully and passionately makes Nora's case . . . Both Gabriella Grier (Goldstein) and Judith Miller are extraordinarily splendid in their separate portrayals of two women who have very different outlooks. . . a perfectly cast set of actors"

- Talkin' Broadway

METAMORPHOSES at The Pear Theatre

"standouts include Gabriella Goldstein"
- San Jose Mercury News and East Bay Times

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